Healing with light is just as simple and easy as creating with it. You can help to heal yourself or those close to you. You can even send healing energy to others who need it. If there is someone who is ill, depressed, down or sad then all you do is;

Sit quietly and say out loud or in your mind…

“I call upon my highest level spirit guides and angels and I call upon ....................... (the person you are sending light to) highest level spirit guides and angels. I ask that you will please send healing light to ...................... Please help ....................... to heal and make a full recovery. Thank you. “

Then imagine that you are holding a ball of beautiful white light in your hands. Imagine that the person whom you are sending healing light to is standing across the room from you.

Blow gently at the ball of light and watch as the ball of light leaves your hands and speeds towards your loved one. Imagine your loved one taking hold of the ball of light. Watch as the ball of light begins to enter and fill your loved one with beautiful white light.

Now imagine that your loved one is glowing from head to toe in white light. You can direct the light to a specific area of the person or just let the light fill the person’s entire body. You can use this same process to heal yourself, pets, plants and even loved ones who live far away.