Sit down or lay down somewhere where you will feel very comfortable and will not be disturbed. You can put on some soft soothing music and light a candle or two if you wish. Try to calm your mind from the day’s chatter and make your self feel completely relaxed.

Keep a pen and piece of paper next to you and jot down any thoughts that may pop into your mind. So many times we try to relax but thoughts pop into our minds about things we need to do and get. If you write these down then it will help you to easily relax as you will know that you will not forget to do these things – as you would have jotted them down.

Once you feel that your mind is completely relaxed and any mind chatter has faded then take in up to 10 – 20 deep breaths. Draw these breaths into your upper chest and take note of your upper chests movement and your breathing pattern.

Now take in another 10 – 20 deep breaths but this time instead of paying close attention to your upper chest, pay this attention to your stomach and abdomen area. Notice how your stomach pulls in with each breath and raises with each exhale. Feel your stomach muscles contract and their movement.

Continue to take in 10-20 deep breaths but this time pay close attention to your shoulders. Note your shoulders movements as you inhale and exhale. Become aware of the changes they experience with each breath.

Next take another 10 – 20 deep breaths and pay close attention to each breath you take. Note how relaxed your body has now become. Take note how each breath makes you feel. How do they make you feel? Are you feeling more relaxed than when you started the meditation?

Imagine that there is now a beautiful white flower bud in front of you. Imagine that this is the most beautiful flower that you have ever seen. Watch as this flower bud begins to open very slowly and gently.

As the first flower petal opens and spreads out, feel your feet and toes becoming more relaxed, when the first petal has fully opened then notice that your feet and toes are now completely relaxed.

Take note of how wonderful your feet and toes feel being completely relaxed. Take in every moment of that perfect relaxation. Now watch as the second petal opens and spreads out.

•· Notice that your ankles are now beginning to relax, once the second petal has completely opened notice that your ankles are now completely relaxed. Continue mentally opening each petal. Each time a petal opens and spreads out take note of a different part of your body becoming more and more relaxed.

•· Continue until each and every petal is open and spread out. Continue until your entire body has been completely relaxed. Take note of this beautiful flower that is before you. This flower is now fully grown and is gloriously beautiful.

•· Now watch as stunning heavenly white light begins to fill the beautiful flower. See this white light soaking into the flower causing it to shine brightly. You can play around with the white light and turn it into any colour that you like. Choose a colour that makes you happy.

•· Once you are happy with the colour of light that has surrounded and filled your flower then, tell your self that it is now time for you to come out of the meditation. Gently and slowly wriggle your toes, now your fingers, your legs, arms and lastly your head. Open your eyes and take special note of how you feel. Record your meditation and experiences in your psychic journal.

If this meditation has worked then you will now feel completely relaxed. You will feel a deep sense of inner peace, love and happiness. You will feel completely protected and supported. You will now be one with your spirit and higher self.

If you do not feel any of the above, or if you did not manage to complete the exercise then try again at another time. Remember practice makes perfect and everyone works at a different speed. Never feel disheartened or give up. Just keep going and persisting and you will in time, learn to completely relax and quiet your mind.