Find somewhere that is nice and quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Lie down and make sure you are in a comfortable position. Take in a few deep breaths slowly to help completely relax you. Try to calm your mind of the days chatter and try to feel the vibrations in your room. Try to see if you can feel the vibration of your Guardian Angel. Ask your Guardian Angel to please help you to feel their presence. Once you feel their presence then ask, “How many Guardian Angels do I have?”

Quiet your mind and trust what comes to you. Does a particular number jump out at you and stick in your mind? Or do you see 1-2 or more colored lights or orbs floating in your mind? What numbers or symbols come to you? Keep practicing this exercise until you feel that you know how many guardian angels you have. Remember you can always ask your guardian angel for conformation, if ever you are not 100% sure on the answer.

Write down in your journal your experiences, thoughts, feelings, visions and any other things that come to you during this exercise. It is so important to write it all down even if it seems insignificant.

As I said before one of the most effective ways in which to sense our angels is to draw pictures of them and to look at pictures of angels. Try drawing pictures of angels and also your guardian angel. Draw a picture of how you see them and try to read up on angels and look at pictures of them.