Once you know what type of spirit you have then you can begin to feed your spirit. Take notice of what fortifies and feeds your own unique spirit, paying special attention to how sensitive and aware you are of it – For example if you are a creative spirit then in order to feed your spirit you would have try to do more creative things.

Get out your arts and crafts things, take up a new creative course, do some house decorating – these are the things that feed your spirit. If you are a nature spirit as well as a musical spirit then, try listening to a lot more music, singing or going to a concert. Take long walks in the country, do gardening, buy some fresh flowers to put in your home, spend time with animals – you will be feeding your spirit.

Try spending 10 – 15 minutes each day during this lesson, where you answer to know one else but yourself. Make this your special time to do the things that feed your spirit. If you have the luxury of free time then you can have an hour or two to yourself.

Whether it is 10 minutes or an hour, it will do wonders for your spirit and for you. Feeding your spirit will help you to grow spiritually and help to raise your vibration to a higher level – giving you, easier access to your spirit guides and angels. It will also help to open up your psychic intuition.