Each and every one of us has tons and tons of thoughts racing through our mind each and every day. It is important to try and relax our minds completely, yet with all these thoughts and concerns, it is hard to do some times – well most of the time.

This next exercise is designed to help you to learn to let go of some of these thoughts so you can easily concentrate on one thing at a time.

Sit down somewhere where you will feel very comfortable and will not be disturbed. Put on some soft soothing music. Light a candle or two if you wish. Have a pen and piece of paper next to you and jot down all of the things that you need to do and get done. Write down as many things as possible. Try to think of everything that you have to do and want to do. If any other thoughts pop into your mind then jot them down too.

By writing down these things you are emptying your thoughts – which will help you to concentrate on one thing at a time. You will also feel more confident in getting these things done as you would have made a list of each thing that needs to be done.

Next pick each thing on your list and one at a time mentally throw these things into a trash can. See your self putting each thing on your list into a trash can. Do not feel worried that you will forget to do these as you have made a written list. You are not throwing away the written list.

So once you have completed throwing each thing on the list in the trash can – you will still have it written down on paper. The reason you are mentally throwing each thing in the trash is because, you are trying to clear your mind of any intruding thoughts.

Once each thing on your list has been thrown into the trash can, then you can now empty the trash can. Mentally see your self taking out the trash and see a dust man collect the trash and take it away. Know that these chores are not gone completely as you have written them down. Know that your mind is now clear of any mind chatter. Now close your eyes and imagine that you have just won the lottery. Imagine the moment that you find out that you have won. What are your feelings and thoughts? How do you feel?

Think and imagine what you would do with all of that money. How will you spend it? Will you share it with others or keep it all to yourself? What is the first thing you will buy and why?

Spend at least 5 -10 minutes or more if you can imagining how different your life would be if you really did win the lottery. If any intruding thoughts pop into your mind then tell them to leave and push them away. Hopefully you would have emptied all of your intruding thoughts into the trash can so none will enter.

Write down how you found the exercise and any thoughts or feelings that came to you in your psychic journal. Keep practicing this exercise until you find that you can fully concentrate on winning the lottery with out any intruding thoughts entering your mind.

Next we need to learn to feel subtle vibrations and energy. It is so important for us to recognize our spirit guides and our angel’s unique vibration. You have probably felt their vibration and presence around you many times in your life, but have never realized it. It is also equally important for us to learn to feel the energy in our every day lives. Each and every thing has a vibration and energy as everything is made of pure energy.

Have you ever walked into a house before and felt an instant discomfort, dislike, love or calm feeling come over you? If you have then what made you feel this way was because you were picking up on the houses energy. Have you ever met someone for the first time and had an instant dislike or like to them?

Have you ever brought a second hand item and felt certain feelings or thoughts come to you when you touched it? Again this is because you are picking up on the energy and vibration of the object. If you have had any of these experiences then this is a very good thing. This shows that you are already aware of the energy that is all around you.

The next few exercises will help you to develop your sense of energy so that you can easily sense and recognize the energy of everything around you, other peoples energy and most important your spirit guides and angels energy, presence and vibrations.

We have already had some experiences and practice of these exercises the previous lessons. You may find the below exercises to be similar and familiar to these previous exercises but it is important to do them, as you will be re-wakening your sense of energy and vibration. The following exercises also help you to develop your Psychometric gift.