The best way to tune in and draw your beautiful Guardian Angels is to find somewhere quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Put on some soothing music and maybe light a candle or two. Take in several deep breaths into your chest, releasing each breath slowly. Try to become completely relaxed. Have your drawing pad in front of you and a pencil. Then say this short prayer…

“I call upon my highest level artist guides and angels. I call upon my Guardian Angels. I ask that you will please help me to draw an accurate and detailed portrait of my guardian angel. I put my trust and faith in you that you will guide me each step of the way. Thank you.”

Now calm your mind and take note of any images, sounds, feelings, tastes, smells or names that come to you. Jot everything that comes to you down on your piece of paper. Know deep with in that what you are drawing and the information you are receiving is accurate.

Do not force your drawing but let it come to you freely. Do not take much notice of what you are drawing and writing. In stead just go with the flow and let your guides and angels guide your hand. Trust in your heavenly and spiritual helpers and know that they are helping you. If you keep practicing this then in good time you will find that you are drawing angels and could even try to draw your guides or the Archangels. Remember that nothing happens over night, everything takes time, patience and practice.