Find somewhere nice and quite to sit where you will not be disturbed. Dim the lights, put on some soft music and light a candle or two if you wish – this is not necessary but may help you to relax. Take in several deep breaths. When you feel ready say out loud or in your mind, “Archangels Michael and Raphael I call upon you now.”

Imagine that walking towards you are the Archangels Michael and Raphael. They are accompanied by Archangel Michael’s band of mercy angels. Watch as Archangels Michael and Raphael stand in front of you. Take in as much detail as possible about the angels. Notice what each Archangel looks like, what clothes they are warring and take in as much detail as possible.

Now say out loud or in your mind, “Archangel Michael I ask that you will please cut and sever all cords of psychic attack that I have sent others and that others have sent me. Please cut and sever all of these cords now. Please also send love and light to those who sent me psychic attack. Thank you.”

Watch as Archangel Michael lifts his huge sword and gently cuts and severs all cords of psychic attack. Feel how good if feels to finally be released from the cords of psychic attack that have been holding you back. Take special not of how the room feels and how you feel.

Once all the cords of Psychic Attack have been cut then say out loud or in your mind, “Archangel Michael thank you for cutting these cords, may you now please remove absolutely all attachment now. Thank you.”

Now watch as Archangel Michael holds his hands above you. See him pulling out and removing all the attachments that have been attached to you. Watch as Archangel Michael removes these attachments and sends them to heaven to be healed and removed. Thank Archangel Michael for his help.

Now say out loud or in your mind, “Archangel Raphael, I ask that you will please send you emerald green healing light and energy to my cut cords. Please help them to heal completely now. Thank you.”

Watch as the Archangel Raphael steps forward and knees before you. He opens his out stretched arms and hands. Watch as beautiful emerald green healing light oozes out and fills with in each cut cord. Feel how beautiful this healing light feels and know deep with in that you are protected and healed. Thank both Archangel Michael and Raphael for their help. Take in several deep breaths and when you feel ready then open your eyes.