How to call light to yourself is easy, just stop what ever it is that you are doing. Shut your eyes and say either out loud or in your mind, “Light please come to me.”

* Imagine that above your head is a large ball of light.

* Watch as this ball of light surrounds you in a cocoon of light.

* Take note of what the light feels like and how it makes you feel. Is it warm, hot, does it make you feel happy, sad, free or light headed? Take note of the feelings and thoughts that come to you.

* Take in a deep breath and imagine that the beautiful light begins to flow with in you, filling your entire body, lungs and soul with pure white light.

* Imagine that you now are completely filled with heavenly white light.

With practice you will soon find that this exercise will come naturally to you and will only take a few minutes of your time. You can do this exercise any time or any place.

I find that I do the exercise while cooking dinner, in the bath, brushing my teeth or walking. When ever you feel upset, in need of protection, down in the dumps or need to calm your nerves – then try this exercise and notice how different and confident you will feel.

Not long ago I went though a stage of great depression. I felt that no matter what I did I still felt down in the dumps. After several days of struggling to shake off the depression I called light to myself. I instantly began to feel the depression lift and ease after performing the exercise.

For the first time in days I felt renewed, at peace and happy within myself. I received many positive comments from family and friends – commenting on how fresh and happy I looked. Calling light to yourself does work!