1.) Find somewhere quiet to sit down. If you wish to type then sit at your pc with your fingers on the key board, if you wish to write then sit with a pen in your hand and a piece of paper in front of you. Get your hand in the writing position on the paper.

•2.) Make sure that you will not be disturbed

•3.) Put on some soft music and maybe light a candle or two if you feel this helps you to relax.

•4.) Call upon the Archangel Michael and say a little prayer of protection. Ask the Archangel Michael to only allow spirits of the highest vibration to come though. Below is a short prayer I usually use...

“Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please may you stand by my side and keep my family, home and myself protected through out this exercise. Please only allow spirits of the highest vibration to pass on messages to me. Thank you.”

•5.) At the top of your page or paper write down your question, and then ask your guides to please help to answer your question. If you wish to communicate with a loved one who has passed over, then ask that loved one to please pass messages onto you now.

•6.) Sit quietly and calm your mind. Try to push a side any chatter or thoughts from your day. Try feeling completely relaxed and know that you are safe as the Archangel Michael is by your side protecting you.

•7.) Once you feel completely relaxed and have calmed your mind then write down what ever comes to you even if it sound like gibberish.

Do not read what comes or judge it – just let it come and trust that what came to you are accurate messages. You may see pictures or symbols in your mind, you may hear words being said, you may have strange feelings or sensations come over you, or you may find that your hand just writes on its own. Just write down what ever comes into your mind – even if it is doodles.

•8.) Once you have finished writing and nothing else comes to you then thank your guides and angels for passing on messages to you. Thank the Archangel Michael for his protection too.

•9.) Put your paper somewhere safe or in your psychic journal or if typing then save it into a folder. Do not throw it away or delete it if you feel it is insignificant or a load of gibberish. It will be important to you at some point in your life.

You may find that it takes a couple of attempts before messages start to flow through. At first you may only receive a word or two or maybe even a doodle. Do not get disheartened or throw it a way. Keep it and keep the faith too. The more automatic writing you do the more messages that will come though.

If you read what you have written and you find that there are obscene words, depressive content or words that expresses a lot of anger and fear, then burn or delete the written work – as this may mean that a negative spirit has come through and passed on negative information.