By Tana Holy

Psychic crafts have been used since time immemorial, with each item having its own purpose. Moreover, psychic crafts come in many different designs and forms. A mandala is one of the most famous shamanic designs used in psychic crafts, and it is known as a very popular spiritual tool.

Basically, mandalas are designs that take the form of circles -- symbolizing a eternity or a never ending life. Mandalas are known to have a lot of psychic and spiritual significance. Typically, mandala designs can be seen in other crafts like dream catchers and shields, American Indian sand art, Muslim mosques, Buddhist stupas, Aboriginal Australian and African artwork, and even Christian cathedrals.

A psychic mandala is an instrument used draw in positive energy, and to reject negative vibes. Mandalas are ordinarily in the forms of jewelry, and other kinds of decorations. In parapsychology, psychic mandalas are identified as efficient instruments for emotional healing.

Coming up with a psychic mandala for overall spiritual well being and protection is an entertaining task, and the thrill starts off with picking out what colors and other add ons you want in it (the colors and components in your mandala vary on your objective). The method is quite basic, that you can even make your own psychic mandala at home!

How to Create Your Own Psychic Mandala for Protection and Spiritual Wellness

Items Needed:

- A clean flat smooth stone, about 4" by 3" (you can use river stones since they have special powers or you can easily get one from a crystal or New Age store)

- Purple, blue, and crystal see-through or opaque seed and e-beads (these psychic colors represent deep healing, spirituality, and defense)

- Needle

- White thread

- Scissors

- Glue


1. Start by stringing your beads. Begin with 1 blue bead followed by 6 purple beads, position them to pattern like a circle with the blue bead in the middle surrounded by the purple beads. Glue the beads together so that it forms the circle. After which, add your blue beads to encircle the set of purple beads, and then encircle the purple layers again by blue beads. You should have about 5 layers of crystal beads (alternately blue and purple). Make sure you glue them together.

2. After that, place your mandala design on your even smooth stone using your glue. Yes, this is by now your mandala. Yet, the process of creating a psychic mandala is not yet finished -- you still ought to charge your psychic mandala!

3. To charge your mandala, hold it with your projective hand (the right hand if you are right handed, and left if otherwise). Then, visualize white, blue, and purple rays of energy that send out the need for spiritual wellness and protection.

4. As soon as you have charged your mandala, preserve it in a special place. Sometimes, if you feel the need for protection or spiritual healing, you can carry your mandala on your receptive hand (the reverse of your perceptive hand), and experience the positive energy flow into your body while you meditate to your goal.

Mandalas can be made for other purposes too. Like for example, if you want a mandala to cradle love and romance, you can use red and pink colors of beads or other trinkets like shells, feathers, and many more. Just remember, though you can get as creative as you can, you need to pattern your colors and materials of the mandala to fit your purpose.

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