By Natasha Chamberlin

To make your own prayer cards all you will need is some white or coloured card, scissors, colourful pens, paints, angelic or inspiring stickers and pictures, glitter, glue or double sided tape and other odds and ends to help create your prayer cards. You could use peel offs and boarders to create a lovely finish. If you have a laminator machine then you could laminate your prayer cards once they are done.

Once you have found all of the items that you would like to use to create your prayer cards then you can begin creating them. Cut the card in to rectangle or square shapes. If you like you could cut the card in to other shapes too - it is completely up to you.

Now you can write down all of your own prayers as well as your favourite prayers onto each card. Once you have done this then you can decorate both sides of each card so that each card is personal and special to you. You can keep your prayer cards somewhere special, or you can even give these as gifts to your loved ones.