How to make paper flowers is by Erich Simco and how to make positive affirmations is by Natasha Chamberlin.

How to make the paper flowers by Erich Simco.......

Were you ever wondering how to actually make paper flowers?

Making or creating paper flowers has been a marvellous hobby of people of all ages from many generations before us, and hopefully many generations to come. There is an element of warmth you get after making a paper flower.

In this fast pace world we live in, taking the little bit of time to actually sit down and make a paper flower is both a stress reliever and a mind defogger. You can leave all your cares and worries from your place of employment behind and do something that is both relaxing and possibly useful for your next party.

There are only a handful of items that are needed for this project and they can all be found at the local hobby, or arts store. The first main supply is the crepe paper. It comes in single and double, depending on the number of flowers you are making. Scissors: 1 light weight pair to cut and shape the leaves or petals and a heavy pair for multiple layers of the crepe paper. Paste: the regular type with a hard brush. Tissue paper: This is used for creating all of the leaves. Also, you need a pencil, some florist tape, pins, wire, metal paper clips, and an artificial stamen.

Once you have all the items listed above, you can now begin to make your own personalized paper flower.

1. Start with 12-16 pieces of different sized, colored crepe paper. Stack all the papers in a neat pile and now use a pencil to draw the pattern, of your choice of a flower on the top sheet of paper in the pile.

2. Using the metal paper clip, fasten all the pieces of crepe paper together. Now, use the heavy scissors to cut out the pattern you made.

3. Arrange all the sheets of paper from largest to smallest in a pile making the largest on the bottom and the smallest on the top. With the pin, poke a hole in the middle of the petals of your flower.

4. Put all the petals together, starting at the bottom, to make a flower. Then put the wire into the whole in the centre. You don't want the wire to slip out of the whole so twist one end. Now, where you stuck the wire use the florist tape to tape the petals here.

5. Now, choose your own design and make a leaf pattern. Use the green tissue paper and cut out the pattern with the light scissors.

6. Next, stick the leaves to the stem of the flower with the florist tape.

7. It's an optional feature, but you could add the artificial stamen to the middle of the flower.

*You can repeat this process and create as many different flowers as you desire.

Making paper flowers is a very inexpensive, and fairly easy hobby to do if you follow my instructions. Once you have mastered the main technique of paper flower making, you will want to make more detailed and larger creations and the possibilities will then be endless. Happy folding...

For more visual and in depth Instructions on How to Make Paper Flowers Erich Simko invites you to visit his site with images, instructions, videos and more.

Erich Simko is an avid and enthusiastic Paper Flower creator, Origamist and Arts and Crafts buff. Learning these skills in particular has helped him through difficult times in his life and he believes it will bring much joy to your life as well.

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How to make the positive affirmations by Natasha Chamberlin....

To make the positive affirmations you will need coloured pens, some coloured card, a scissors, and a punch and some string. Take the piece of card and cut out 2-4cm wide strips. Make each strip be at least 6-8cm long - so that you are left with what looks like tags / gift tags. On each of your tags write down a positive affirmation for your self such as;

* I am a beautiful child of God and I am very loved.

* I am successful in everything I do

* God is with me each day helping me on my life pass

* I am a positive and happy person

* I am protected each and every day

* I deserve to be happy and have no worries or concerns

* I always do my best to look after my body and be healthy and in good shape

* I am a loyal and kind friend

* I know that I will pass the test with flying colours

* I treat others as I would like to be treated

* My Clairsentience is extremely heightened always

* My Claircogniance is extremely heightened always

* My Clairsentience is extremely heightened always

* My Clairaudience is extremely heightened always

* I always try my very best to be a good and honest person

* When I believe in myself so do others

* I always do my very best to help others where I can

* I know that I will do well at the job interview today

Make each affirmation be personal to you. In one corner of each tag punch a whole with the punch. Then take some string and thread it through each hole in the tag. Tie the string to each stem of each flower you have made - so that each flower has a positive affirmation tag attached to it. You could put these flowers into a vase or even into the vase that you have made. Each day look at your positive affirmation flowers and read your affirmations. Remember to always stay positive and believe in yourself and in everything that you do. I could not find any pictures of positive affirmation flowers as mentioned above so have added pictures of paper flowers to give you an idea of how to make your own ones.