By Michael Jardim 

Learning how to make candles from home how fun, I personally make my own candles from home and even do it as a full time business. That's why today I will be teaching you how to make your own unique candles from the comfort of your own home. The types of candles I will be teaching you to make today are called scented candles. The scented candles are very unique and one of the most popular candles to make, due to the fact that when they are lighten up they let of a wonderful smell and tend to give people a sense of peace and relaxation.

Before You Learn How To Make Candles From Home You Are Going To Need To Gather The Following Items:

1) Candle Wicks (Use pre-tabbed wicks that are 1 inch longer than the candles you will be making)

2) Two Cooking Pots (One large and one medium)

3) A Cookie Cutter

4) Color Dye (This is optional)

5) Scented Oil (Available at your local arts and craft shop)

6) A Block Of Wax (I recommend paraffin wax)

7) A Candy Thermometer

8) Scissors

9) A Few Sticks To Stir The Wax

10) Molds (You can use small shot glasses or drinking glasses as they make excellent molds)

OK I Have What I Need Now Please Teach Me How To Make Candles From Home!

Its time to start learning how to make candles from home, so you are firstly going to get your pre-tabbed candle wicks and place them in the center of your molds. Now take the large pot and place your cookie cuter inside and then fill the pot with about two inches of water. Set the stove to a temperature of medium to high, and place the pot on top of the stove. You are going to need to wait for a couple of minuets for the water in the pot to start boiling. Once the water in the pot is boiling place your medium pot into the large pot on top of the cookie cuter.

You are now going to place your block of wax into the medium pot, allow the wax to melt. After you see that the wax is well melted, set the stoves temperature down to medium to low and continue to stir the wax.

After the wax is well melted remove the pot from the stove and allow the wax to cool down. Using the candy thermometer check the temperature of the wax as it should be at a temperature of 200 degrees F. You are now going to add your scented oil to the wax and stir the wax well. If using dye then also place the desired amount to the wax and stir.

Now allow the wax to cool down to a temperature of about 175 degrees F. You are now going to get your molds and begin to pour the wax into the molds one by one, Take care to make sure that the candle wick stays scented at all times. After the molds are poured, they are going to need to stay to dry for about two to three hour's. If the candles are dry and contain sink holes then just refill them till the holes are full and even. You are now going to cut your candle wicks with a scissors so that there is about 5mm sticking out as this will be the flint of your candle.

I now invite you to come over to my site MAKE CANDLES FROM HOME where we will be going in to much more detail on how to make your own candles, as this article was just a summery on this topic, so I hope to see you there take care and good luck.

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