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Personalized items are great gift ideas. They not only allow creativity but they also provide a sense of intimacy. Even for personal use, they can also stimulate positive thinking. They give a special feeling to whoever sees them. Collage picture frames, for example, encourage a person's intervention to their design. It is usually up to that person how he or she decides to arrange the photos in a creative and artistic manner.

There are so many advantages to personalizing your photo frames. Not only will it enable you to come up with a design of your choice, you can also save by the simple recycling of old items to make something new. IN this way you can easily dispose of the unwanted materials, and use them up for something more rewarding. They can add beauty to your room and eventually enhance the atmosphere of being at home. Below are some suggestions on how you can add some spice to your photo frames.

1) Collect your new or old frames and scrap materials. These include but are not limited to double picture frames, paper cutouts, old magazines, used clothing, food wrappers, tissues and plastics. Select items that can still be utilized to produce something of great and artistic value. Make sure that they are clean and free from dirt. If you intend to use candy or chocolate wrappers, do not forget to wash them before using. You have to keep in mind that they are supposed to add beauty to your art and not to spoil it. Playing with these used materials to form new art will not only put them into good use, but can also actually lessen your garbage volume.

2) Conceptualize a design. From the materials that you have gathered, think of a concept that will put them together. This can be related to a general theme, or it could be an abstract design. Don't over think and over criticize the design. Your goal can be to simply express your own feelings or style. If you are planning to use your art as a gift, you may think of the person that you want to give it to. You may consider his or her dislikes or anything that will reflect his or her personality. As an example, you can incorporate a nature theme to multi-opening picture frames with cutouts of your favorite flowers. You may also form an image or a figure of any design that fits a particular color scheme. More specifically, you can also use some graphic art of your own or find a way to artistically incorporate your recipient's name.

3) Prepare the materials. You may need rulers, pencils, scissors and glue. The materials will largely depend on the concept that you have in mind. You may use coloring pens and other markers, or anything that you want to put into your creative art. Prepare all the cutouts and make sure that they are clean before you affix them to the frame. In addition to that, if you also intend to add decorations on the image photograph itself, do so without damaging the image. You may opt to simply place your design as a layer over part of the picture. As much as possible, avoid having anything glued directly on the image. It may be possible to attach your design materials to the inside edge of the frame so that they do not adhere to the photo, if you are using one. If you have to glue something on a collage picture frame, you also have to see to it that you have the appropriate material. Do not use adhesives that will damage the frame, but rather use transparent glue that may suit them well.

There are so many ways in which you can personalize your photo frame. You may also add glittering effects to the outer border, as long as they are kept off the glass portion of the frame. You may also use colorful glue to draw figures or write names. Typically, they can be applied anywhere on the frame and most can be removed anytime without leaving any mark to the piece. For items that do not have mats on the inside portion, you may improvise by using colorful papers or ribbons to add more emphasis to your image. This looks good especially for a wall photo frame that you decorate specifically for an individual room or mood.

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