By Natasha Chamberlin

To make your own angel alter all you will need are angel items that are personal and special to you. First find a nice place to set up your angel alter. You could add your alter in your bedroom, by your work place or by the place you spend most of your time. Once you have found a special place then you can decorate and build your angel alter in any way that feels right for you. The above picture is of my very own Angel Alter. Below are examples of others angel alters, boxes, shelves and walls.

Having an angel alter is a wonderful thing and you will find that you, keep looking for little odds and ends to add to your angel alter. Your angel alter can be your special place where you leave your prayers for your angels, where you find comfort and where you can keep all of your angel keepsakes.

Some people have angel boxes which is a cardboard box. They cover the box with angelic paper and then keep all of their angelic keepsakes, prayers and poems in the box. Others have angel shelves where someone else may have an angel wall - one wall in their home which is dedicated to all of their angel pictures, keepsakes and prayers. It does not matter if you choose to have an angel alter, wall, shelf or box. These are all the same and you do the same thing to each to help build it into something special to you.

You may add to your alter, wall, box or shelf, angel keep sakes, ornaments, prayer cards, your dream journal, psychic journal, poetry, angel jewellery, crystals and gemstones, a cross, white feathers, glitter, candles, angel oracle cards, glitter, a bible, angelic pictures, note pad and pen, your angel drawings and paintings, your angel letters, angel books, prayer books, and anything else that you feel will make your angel alter special and unique to you. Make your angel alter personal and special to you. You could even create a prayer book or box as a special gift for your loved ones. I made one of my best friend's Sarah a an angel box for her birthday this year and she just loved it to bits. She said it was a personal, unique and special gift.