By Natasha Chamberlin

A wishing wheel is a wonderful way of sharing with God and the angels all your your dreams, goals and ambitions. It is also a wonderful way to remind yourself of all that you would like to accomplish. By creating a wishing wheel you are drawing possitive energy to you. You are also helping to make your dreams and goals a reality. By creating a wishing wheel you are showing and telling the universe what you desire.

To make your wishing wheel you will need some strong card, coloured pens, photos and pictures, glue or double sided tape, pain or felt tip pens, scissors, and any other odds and ends that you feel you would like to use. Take a dinner plate or some thing which is big and round. Place this onto your card and then draw around the dinner plate to make a large circle shape. Now cut out the circle. Right in the centre - middle of the large circle draw another circle which is about the size of a cup or class rim. In that little circle stick a picture of yourself and your name just under your photo. Also write .......................(your name)'s Wheel of Fortune above your photo. Then write just below your photo and name this short prayer; "I ask God, God's Heavenly Angels and my Joy Guides to please bless my wishing wheel. Please help to make all of my wishes, dreams, goals and ambitions a reality. Thank you."

Once you have done this then draw quarter (triangle like shapes) lines from the little circle going to the top of your large circle so it looks like a pizza / pie which has been cut into portions. At the very top of your large circle draw a line going all around the circle - make sure the line is about a finger size going all the way round like a thick rim. In each of rims write down a heading of what you would like that pie / pizza portion to be called. You could write down GOALS, AMBITIONS, LOVE LIFE, SPIRITUAL PATH, MY BUSINESS, HOME, FAMILY, FRIENDS, HOLIDAY, FINANCE, CAREER etc. Keep doing this until each pie portion has a name at the top in the rim bit. Remember this wishing wheel is personal to you and you are writing down all of your goals, dreams, ambitions, wishes, etc.

Colour or paint each rim bit and pie portion in a different colour - choose a colour that reflects your goals and ambitions. You can then stick pictures of what you hope to achieve in each pie / pizza portion - for instance if you wish for a new car then stick pictures for cars in the pie portion. You could write down under the pictures what you hope to achieve or stick photos and stickers. Make your wishing wheel personal to you. Once you have completed your wishing wheel then ask God to please bless your wishing wheel fill your wheel with Heavenly love and light.

I have tried looking for photos of wishing wheels and below are a few pictures ones I found to give you an idea of what I mean. These are not exactly as the ones we are making as our ones have our photos in the middle and pictures in each pie /pizza piece of our goals and dreams, but they give you an idea of how to make your own wishing wheel.