By Natasha Chamberlin

To make a wishing tree all you will need is an old flower pot, some soil, foil or wrapping paper, ribbons, tinsel, tiny lights, glitter, beads, enverlopes, card, gemstones and crystals, scissors, glue, paint, pictures, sticks and twigs or branches, paper and any other odds or ends that you would like to use to make your wishing tree.

Once you have everything that you need then decorate the flower pot. You could paint it, wrap it in wrapping paper or foil, stick on angelic or inspiring pictures and decorate it so that it feels personal and special to you.

Once you have finished decorating your pot and any paint is dry then fill the pot with the soil. You could also add gem stones, crystals and beach stones to the soil to add some colour and life.  Now take all the branches, sticks and twigs that you have found and stick them in to the pot of soil. Try to arrange them so that they look like a tree.

You can decorate your tree in any way that you like. You could cut out green or coloured leaf shapes and stick them on the tree, add lights or tiny hanging bags to your tree, you could stick tinsel onto it, paint it or spray paint it gold. Your tree could look natural or colourful, be plain or have a colour theme. Make your wishing tree look special and personal to you.

Now you can write all of your prayers and wishes on to lots of tiny cards, leaf shaped cards or even write them on paper then stick them into tiny envelopes or bags. Stick all of your prayers to God and the Angels and all of your wishes on to your tree. You can keep adding prayers and wishes to your tree each day if you like.