By Natasha Chamberlin

A wonderful way in which we can build a stronger connection with our guides and angels is to write to them. This is also a good way to express ourselves as well as communicate with your angels and guides.

Why not make a special letter box where you can put all the letters that you write to your guides, angels and God. You can write them a letter about anything that you wish. You could write about your worries and concerns, you could send them grateful and thankful letters, a general letter, a sorry and asking for forgiveness letter.

You could even write to them sharing your fears, hopes, dreams and ambitions. You could write them special poems or quotes. Writing to our spiritual and heavenly helpers is a beautiful and magical thing.

To make your own special letter box all you will need is a good sized box - this could be a shoe box, old tea or biscuit box / tin or any other type of box that you have laying around. You will also need a writing pad and a special pen to keep in your box and to write your letters on. You could even have some envelopes to put your letters in.

You will need items to decorate your letter box such as, some glue or double sided tape, felt tip pens, paint, special pens, fabrics, buttons, 3d pads, glitter pens, lace, glitter, peel offs, boarders, motifs, pictures, ribbon and any other odds and ends that you would like to use to decorate your box.

Once you have everything that you need then you can decorate your box in any way that you like. Make your letter box look special and personal to you. In side your letter box you could add some crepe paper or cotton wool, special fabric or glitter, gemstones and crystals, angelic figurines or confetti. Also add your writing pad and special pen and envelopes.

Then when ever you feel like writing to your angels, God or your spirit guides you can do so and leave your letters in your special box.