By Natasha Chamberlin

To make a Higher Self Calendar you will need 12 large sheets of strong card, 52 small envelopes, 52 small coloured paper squares or square memo pads, felt tip pens, glue or double sided tape, some paper, paints, glitter, special pens, fabric, peel offs and boarders, ribbon and other odds and ends to decorate your calendar. On Each sheet of card write down at the top of each card; My Higher Self Calendar and write down a different month and the year. For example on the first card write down My Higher Self Calendar January 2011. On the second write, My Higher Self Calendar February 2011 and so on.

Then stick the appropriate amount of envelopes onto each calendar for each month. Each envelope will represent a week in that particular month. Decorate your calendar in a way that is special and personal to you. Colour or paint each envelope a different bright colour and then write down on each envelope week 1 ………….. (dates for that week) and so on for each envelope.

On each small square memo pads write down: “This week I am going to  ...................” and then write down a positive and good deed that you could do for that each day of that week - deeds or positive things that your higher self would do. Once you have written out each one then stick them into the envelopes and stick the envelopes to your calendar. You could even decorate each memo square.

The reason this is you higher self calendar is because each day you are going to try and be your higher self and do the things that your higher self would do. For example you could write down;

* This week I am going to smile at each person I walk past and meet though out each day as I know a smile can go a long way.

* This week I will help a friend or someone in need. I will try to make a difference to someone’s life.

* This week I will pick up all litter that I find laying around and I will make sure that I do not litter

* This week I will spend at least 30 minutes in nature each day being one with myself and my thoughts, so that I can clearly hear angelic and spiritual guidance.

* This week I will be more understanding of others feelings and situations. I will take the time to listen to what others have to say and be empathic

* This week I will thank all those who have helped me, been there for me and my friends and family for just being as wonderful as they are

* This week I will not swear, talk, act or think negatively. All my thoughts, words and feelings will be positive

* This week I will not judge others or run any person down. I will treat others as I would like to be treated myself

* This week I will do something for charity and give to those in need

*This week I will take special note of all the nature and animals around me. I will take the time to notice what a beautiful planet I live on.

You can repeat good deeds on other weeks or you could make a different positive higher self deed for each week, it is completely up to you. Each week take out the square memo for that particular week and stick it on to the out side of the envelope so you can look at it each day. Try to look at it each day to re-mind yourself of what positive Higher self deed you need to do that week, then do your best to do your positive deed each day of that week.

You could also say each day when you open your envelope this short prayer: “I ask my Higher Self to please run my life and help me to be my Higher Self at all times. Thank you.” You could also say this affirmation each day at least 3-4 times each day, “I am my higher self at all times! I am my higher self at all times!”

When you learn to be your higher self at all times you will feel like a brand new person inside. You will appreciate your life, your surroundings and others more and will find that you feel good and happy inside as well as positive. Your out look on the world will change to a positive and bright one. You do not have to use my method of making your calendar you could make your calendar any way that you like. There are so many different ways of making a calendar. I have found pictures of other ways of making a calendar to give you ideas. Have fun!