By Natasha Chamberlin

To make a grateful washing line you will need a long piece of string or ribbon, tiny clothes pegs, coloured paper, drawing pins, coloured pens and any other odds and ends that you would like to use to decorate your grateful washing line.

Once you have all the items that you need then find somewhere special in your home to hang up your washing line. Pin each end of the string or ribbon to your wall making sure it goes across your room like a washing line or across the wall. You can make your washing line as long or as short as you like. Put all the washing pegs onto the washing line. Now cut the colourer paper into small squares - like note pads or memo squares.

On each coloured square write down things that you are grateful for. Examples are; I am grateful that I got the children to school on time, I am grateful that we sold our house, I am grateful that it is such a beautiful day today, I am grateful that I found that bargain at the bootfare today, I am grateful that my family and I are in good health, I am grateful for our home and for all I have, I am grateful that my daughter got into her chosen school, I am grateful that each day my husband, my children and I get to school, work and home again safely, I am grateful that the children were well behaved today, I am grateful that I did not forget to go to the doctors, I am grateful that my friend is now well again, I am grateful for the help I received with the project I am working on, I am grateful that it is the weekend.

You can decorate each grateful card in any way that you like. You could stick on pictures, paint them and make each card personal to you. Once you have created your washing line cards then stick them onto your washing line using the pegs. You could even decorate each washing peg if you like. You make many different types of washing lines such as a prayer washing line, a stay positive washing line where you write down all the things that you need to be positive about, a memory or to do washing line where you job down things you need to remember to do, a birthday washing line where you add all your family and friends birthdays, you could even make a calendar or chores washing line. Make your washing line personal and special to you.