By Natasha Chamberlin

To make a goal ladder all you will need is a large piece of card, scissors, glue or double sided tape, felt tip pens, colourful pens, drawing pins, sticky stuff / blue tac, stickers, pictures, glitter, and any other odds and ends that you would like to use to create your goal ladder.

Once you have all the bits and bobs that you need then on your cardboard draw a large ladder with out the steps (steps of the ladder that you step on). You can then decorate your ladder and the background in any way that you like. Now using a different piece of card, draw the steps of your ladder and decorate them. Once you have done this then cut out each step for your ladder.

On each step of the ladder write down one of your goals that you hope to achieve in the future. Try writing each goal down in the order that you hope to achieve them. Hang the picture of your step-less ladder on your wall and stick the steps of your ladder next to your ladder.

The reason you are adding the steps next to the ladder and not away in a draw, is because each time you look at the steps you will be encouraged and reminded of your goals. Each time you achieve a goal you can then add the step which has that particular goal written on it to your ladder. Keep doing this until you have achieved each goal that you set for your self and your ladder has each of it's steps. You could add a large bright star at the top of your ladder to show that you have accomplished all of your goals. You could even (when you first start your ladder) set your self a special treat that you will have once you have all of your goals completed. I could not find any pictures of goal ladders so I have stuck other pictures of different ladders here.