By Natasha Chamberlin

To make a dream or psychic journal you will need a hard cover book such as a note book, journal or hard covered exercise book. You will also need a pair of scissors, glue, glitter, stamps, stickers, ribbon, cut out pictures of things you would like to decorate your journal with, coloured pens and felt tip pens, paints, sequence, double sided tape, 3d pads, peel offs, foil, wrapping paper, motifs and any other odds and ends that you would like to use to decorate your journal.

Once you have everything that you need then cover your book with the wrapping paper if you are using it, decorate it and design your journal so that it is personal to you. You could make your  journal be any theme that you like. You could make it an angel dream journal, fairy, animals, african, wild life, lady birds, the nights sky, flowers and nature, mystical, magical, bright, plain. Make your journal's theme be something that reaches out to you and inspires you.

In side your journal you can record all of your dreams (if a dream journal) or all of your psychic experiences, lessons and homework from lessons you have done (if psychic journal). You can use a special pen to record your dreams or psychic experiences. You can decorate each page in your journal if you like or add cut outs of pictures that describe your dreams or experiences; you could draw pictures, paint and stick stickers in your journal. Try keeping your journal next to your bed so you can record your dreams or experiencesg - in this way you will not forget them.