In August 2011 my family and I went on holiday to Norfolk with our best friends and their families. There were 6 adults and 7 kiddies on our holiday. As we were driving along to Norfolk I said a private prayer to God and the angels to please keep my family, friends and myself safe on our journey. I asked Archangels Michael and Raphael to please help us to have a safe Journey there and back.

I was feeling on edge for some reason and felt that something bad would happen. I do not know why I was feeling this way. This is why I said the prayer - as I could not shake the uneasy feeling I had deep with in. I think I was just being silly and worrying too much!

About 10 minutes after I said my little prayer I saw a large sign on the side of the road. It was almost as if it just appeared there by magic. In bold letters was the word, 'ANGELS'. As soon as I saw the sign a huge sense of warmth and comfort flooded through me. All my concerns just lifted out of me and I felt at peace. I thanked God and the Angels as I knew that they were watching over all of us and that we would be safe.

When we were travelling back from our holiday I said another prayer to God, the Archangels and all of our heavenly angels. I asked them again to please help my family and I and our friends to have a safe trip home. Again the uneasy feeling came over me and this is why I felt so on edge. The night before we were due to leave we were all sitting out side having a few drinks, when we saw a bird fly into the window of the manor next to ours.

The window was shut and so the bird hit the window with great force and unfortunately passed away. I took the bird and placed its small bodies somewhere in the fields next to our farm manor so that it could rest in peace. Angels usually send us messages through birds and it is said that if a bird flies into your window it is a sign that danger is a head. This made me feel even more on edge so I said plenty of prayers.

As we travelled back home from our holiday our two daughters began fighting in the back of the car. My husband and I were trying to sort out our daughters and stop them fighting. Next thing we knew we were heading in the wrong way on the road. Another car suddenly speed towards us at a great speed. It all happened in slow motion and we knew that this was the end for sure. There was no way possible of avoiding a head on collision with the other car. What happened next was a true miracle. Somehow the other car managed to not hit us and both our car and the other car carried on traveling with out any crash. It was just incredible! We had to pull over just afterwards as the shock of the incident was too much to take in. We were truly blessed with a miracle. I strongly believe that God and the Angels heard my prayers and kept my family and me safe. By Natasha Chamberlin