The angels have sent me many warning signs over the years warning me about dangers around me. These signs helped me so much that I would like to share them with you.

Fire Warning

One morning in July 2009 I had decided to give the kitchen a complete blitz. I wiped down all the cupboards, walls and everything that needed doing. It took me many hours of hard work to get the kitchen completely spotless and I was proud of the work I had done.

That night my husband returned home from work and as soon as he walked in the door he asked me why the entire house stunk of chips. He asked if we were having chips again for dinner. I laughed and said no we had chips last night. I did not think at the time to check the chip fryer to see if it was turned on. I said to Dave that the smell of chips was properly still in the house from the night before.

Later that night around 12am I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water before heading off to bed. The sink was right next to the chip fryer and I stood there pouring water into a glass when all of a sudden I saw a bright flash of light by the chip fryer. The flash was incredibly bright and looked just like a the flash of a camera.

I looked over at the chip fryer and noticed that it was turned on. It then dawned on me that when I was cleaning the wall by the chip fryer that morning I must have knocked the switch on by mistake. That is why Dave said the house stunk like chips as the fryer was on all day.

I quickly turned off the chip fryer and realised that if I had gone to bed instead of coming down stairs for a drink of water and if I had not seen the bright flash of light (which seemed to come from nowhere) then, there might have been a fire and our house would have burned down. I thanked the Lord and his angels for warning me about the chip fryer. I believe that the bright white camera flash like light I saw was the angels warning me that the fryer was on.

Burglary Warning

A few weeks after the chip fryer incident my husband and I had just gone to bed. I had drawn the curtains that night as it was a beautiful full moon out side and I loved falling asleep looking at the moon. I was staring out of the window looking up into the sky when all of a sudden I saw that same bright flash of light that I saw the other night, this time I saw this flash of light outside the bedroom window.

I asked Dave if he had seen it but he said no and turned round to go to sleep. I rubbed at my eyes and looked out of the window once more. Again the flash of light lit up the night’s sky. It couldn’t have been lightning as it was a clear and calm night. I had seen this light before and knew that the angels were trying to warn me about something.

So I got out of bed and ran down stairs. I checked each and every room but everything seemed okay. I was just about to go back upstairs when I heard the words, "back door" in my mind. I went and checked the back door and to my horror found that it was wide open. We had a bbq that evening and we had forgot to lock the back door of our house - meaning that when we were asleep anyone could have just walked into our house and helped themselves to our stuff.

I locked the back door, thanked the Lord and his angels for their warning then went to sleep feeling safe and secure, knowing that my home, family and I were protected and being watched over.

Mad Driver Warning

About a month or two after the back door incident I was walking to pick up my children from school, when I approached a main road which I usually had to cross. I looked both ways and saw that there was not a car in sight.

I was about to cross the road when I suddenly felt someone pull me backwards - with such force that I almost lost my footing. I was a little stunned and lost for words as when I looked around no one was there. I tried again to walk across the road but the force pulled me back again. It was like someone had a hold of my arm and was pulling me backwards. I could physically feel someone grabbing me but could not see anyone.

Just then I heard a loud screeching sound, I looked up and saw a young drunk driver driving at a ridiculous speed down the road. He was driving so fast and seemed to come out of nowhere - meaning the road was completely clear one second and the next this mad man was screaming down the road so fast.

I then realised that it must have been Archangel Michael or one of my guides or angels who was pulling me out of the road. If I had crossed the road at that point I would have been hit by the mad driver and would have been killed. I felt shaken up and thanked my angels and guides for their help and their warning. Thank you my angels.

My angels and guides send me little signs like this all the time trying to warn me of dangers or trying to give me guidance or advice. If there are things that I need to remember that are extremely important then some times they help me to remember by making a flash of light by the calendar so I go and check it, or if I am feeling angry or upset then I hear comforting words being said to me or feel a warm feeling of calmness come over me.
By Natasha Chamberlin