On the 9th of January 2010 I first launched my very first psychic website - Psychic Direct. I had been working on it for months and put my heart and soul into creating it. For months before I decided to create it I kept having the idea pop into my mind. Each time I pushed the idea away as being silly or it will never work - but still the idea of creating the website would not leave me.

Choosing to not go against this nagging feeling with in me I sat down one day and began creating Psychic Direct. It took months and months of hard work and planning, research and hours of my time. The good thing was I was enjoying every minute of it - especially the creative bits where I could work with colours and designs.

I had finished creating the website a while before I actually published it online. I kept putting the idea off as being silly or that no one would be interested. Again the nagging feeling inside of me to get Psychic Direct up online and running would not go away.

I sat there one evening looking at all that I had created and thinking really hard whether I should do it or not. I decided to ask my spirit guides and angels for a sign, "Please tell me what I should do my angels and guides. Should I publish Psychic Direct online or should I just delete it and call it off as a fun thing I did? Please give me a sign so I know what to do?"

At first no sign came and I sat there wondering if this was all just silliness and if I were kidding myself. After about 5 minutes I suddenly felt that someone was standing by my side. I then felt a soft hand touch my head and the hand stayed there for about a minute or so. I felt so comforted and could hear the words, "Do it, it will all work out fine." ring in my mind. I knew that I was given the OK to go ahead and launch Psychic Direct.

It was so comforting to know that my angels and guides were supporting me and were by my side. I went straight away and launched Psychic Direct which did go on to do very well - so well in fact that I decided to create another website - this website Psychic Friends which I hope will reach out to others and help them on their special spiritual journey.

I thank my angels and guides for their love and support and for always being there. I believe that they helped me to create both Psychic Direct and Psychic Friends as I can always feel their presence when I work at the websites. By Natasha Chamberlin