About 6 -8 months ago I was doing the school run and rushing to go and pick up my daughters from school. I was in a rush as I was running a bit late. As I walked to the school a tiny sparrow suddenly flew right past me. It flew so close to me that I thought it would crash into me.

The Sparrow then sat on a fence next to where I stood. It was so close to me that I must have only been an arms length away from the little bird. It just sat there and looked up at me tweeting away merrily. I said, "Hello, little fella, and how are you today?" The little sparrow was not afraid and he just chirped back at me happily. I stood chatting to the little bird for a good 2-3 minutes before saying, "Right little Mr, I must be on my way now. Thank you for the chat."

Then I hurried off to pick up my girls from school. The little sparrow was still there on the fence watching me as I hurried away. I turned round several times and he did not fly away. Such a beautiful experience! I instinctively knew that the sparrow was sent to me by my Joy Guides. It was there way of reminding me to slow down and not to be in such a rush all the time. I felt confident that I would reach the girls school in time before they came out – which I did. By Natasha Chamberlin