About a year ago I was feeling quite down in the dumps and really felt as though I was all alone although I know my angels are with me. I had found out some distressing news so was feeling awful and afraid with in. Still it made me feel uneasy and very down. I longed to feel that everything would be okay and that there was nothing to worry about. I asked my angels for a sign that everything would be okay.

That day I kept seeing faces in the clouds and felt that this was my angels ways letting me know that they were watching over my family and I. I kept finding little white feathers on the ground too. I would find one, walk a few more steps and find another – this continued all the way from my home to my children’s school and back. I must have found at least 80 feathers with in a 30 minute period.

I also saw a perfect angel shaped cloud. It was perfect with a head, long dress, wings, feet and hands. The sun also shone right through it making it look filled with heavenly white light. The angel cloud had white light glowing all around it. The angel cloud made me cry as it was so very beautiful and comforting. That night I also dreamt that a beautiful white feather drifted down on to the floor next to my bed. The dream was so real that I actually got up and looked to see if a white feather was next to my bed.

My angels helped to ease my lonely heart and make all of my worries and concerns melt away. I knew deep with in me that everything would be okay and that my family and I were safe protected and watched over. My angels did not give me just one sign that every thing would be okay; they gave me many different signs through out the entire day. I thank them with all my heart for their love and their support.

If ever you are concerned, worried, fearful, depressed, down in the dumps or just need some reassurance that everything will be okay, then call on the angels and they will help to bring you peace of mind. By Natasha Chamberlin