On my 30th birthday my husband, children and I were out and about viewing houses - as we are looking to by a new home. In one of the houses that we viewed I found the most beautiful and perfect white feather lying neatly in the fire place.

The house was completely empty as the people who lived there had already moved out. There in the fire place was this gorgeous little white feather. It made my heart feel all warm and fluttery.

That afternoon I was sweeping our dinning room floor and tiding up the house when I found the exact same feather (it looked just like it) on the floor by our piano. I mentioned it to my husband and he said that our daughter Kristi must have picked it up from that house we viewed and brought in home.

I still loved the feather and felt that it was a birthday gift from my angels. I asked my angels if they had sent me the feather and asked for a sign. The next day on the 23rd January 2011 I opened two tins of Fray Bentos pies and put them in the oven for our dinner.

When the oven bleeped to let me know that the pies were done, I took the tins out of the oven. To my surprise on the top of the tin where the pie was, was a beautiful white feather. It was in perfect condition. All white and fluffy and not damaged at all considering it had just been cooked in an oven at 230 dc for 45 minutes.

This was truly conformation from my angels that they had sent me the feathers. Thank you my wonderful Angels for my birthday feather. By Natasha Chamberlin