When I was 12 years old I was staying in a boarding school as things at home were not too good. Being in a boarding school was a far better environment for me to be in. Some friends of mine and I were jumping on the beds playing and being silly. Our dormitory (where we slept) was on the top floor of a 3 story building. I grew up in Africa so it was extremely hot which meant we had to keep the windows open for air.

Anyways, I was jumping on the bed with my friends. We then all raced over to the bedroom windows to look at something that had caught our attention out side. After several minutes my friends continued to jump on the beds but I was still looking out of the window. I do not know why I was being so silly but I decided to stand up on the window ceil ledge and lean right out to get a better look at what ever it was that I was looking at – I can not even remember what it was now.

Suddenly I lost my footing and slipped. Everything that happened next was in slow motion. I suddenly fell forward as though I was going to fall out of the window and down 3 stories to the hard ground below, but just as I was about to fall I felt someone pull me backwards with such force that I fell flat on my back on the bed. When I sat up I saw all of my friends looking at me with shocked and disbelieving eyes. They were all convinced that I would fall out of the window.

I asked my friends if they could tell me who pulled me onto the bed and saved my life. They all looked at me as though I were weird or something and said that none of them had touched me. They said that they were jumping on the beds, turned round and saw me about to fall. Next thing I was laying on my back on my bed. They swore that none of them had pulled me back into the room. I believe that God and the angels protected me that day as it was not yet my time to leave this world. Thank you for saving my life my Heavenly Father and all your angels. By Natasha Chamberlin