Monday the 13th of June was the most strangest day I have had in a very long time. We have been trying to move house since January and have had quite a few hic cups along the way. We were told that we would be in our new house just before Easter, BUT each time something else would crop up and things would be delayed again.

My husband and I began to loose all hope of ever moving home. The past few months have been very stressful and emotional times for us. At about 12pm on Monday 13th June 2011 we were told that things had fallen through with the house as they lady buying ours, had walked out of her job so will not be able to pay the mortgage. This was devastating as everything was completed and we were told that we would exchange Mon / Tue and move next week. How can we be about to exchange on minute and then everything fallen though and over in the next. We felt absolutely devastated!!

Our estate agents suggested we re-put our house on the market so we did. We were absolutely gutted as the people who owned the house we had brought, had told us that they were sick of waiting and if we did not exchange by Friday then they were re-putting there house on the market too. Not only had we have to go back on the market but we had the fear of loosing the house of our dreams. I sat down and had a good old cry. I asked God, the Archangels and the my angels with all of my heart to please help us in this difficult time. I asked the Lord and Angels to please lift our house moving burdens off of my shoulders and carry them to heaven. I asked the Lord to take our house moving situation in his hands. I had a deep one to one heart to heart talk with God and all my heavenly helpers.

Then at about 12.45pm (only about 45 minutes after we found out everything had fallen though) we were told that someone would like to view our house at 2pm. We were shocked as we had only just gone back on the market only like 45 -50 minutes earlier. The man came at 2pm and viewed our house, and then I got a phone call from my husband Dave at about 3.15 - 3.30 saying that the man would like to buy our house and he has put in an offer.

We were in disbelief and total shock!! All this happening with in a few house from each other. We accepted his offer and have now re-sold our house. The man has offered us more for our house that what the previous people did. So we have resold our house and will receive a higher price for it than we would have. The extra money is so welcomed as we are really struggling financially at the moment. The people who own the house that we want to buy said they are happy to continue again and will not re-put their house on the market. So we can still move in to our special dream house.

We were told that we will not move for another 4-5 weeks now but we do not mind as we feel positive again. I believe that God and the angels were watching over my family and me. What and emotional and bazaar kind of day Monday was!! Thank you so much my Heavenly Father and the angels for your help, love and support. By Natasha Chamberlin