Ever since I was a tiny little girl I have always had a deep love for God and all of his beautiful angels. I had my first angelic encounter when I was just 7 years of age. I sat outside on the porch with our pet dog that was very ill, he had tick bite fever. It was a crisp night and the moon shone brightly. I can remember it as though it was yesterday, I began to pray for our beloved pet and asked the Lord to watch over him and make him well.

I also asked for a sign that he would be okay. Just then I heard a soft woman's voice call out my name. I glanced up and to my surprise I saw a beautiful lady with a long dress to her ankles (it was almost like a robe of some sort) on.

She had long hair down her back. She appeared as misty, dim but glowing, monochrome figure but I could clearly make out every feature of her. It is really hard to explain what I mean. I knew at once that she was an angel. She did not have wings like in the story books but I knew that she meant me no harm.

Behind her was an open door all in the exact same light as she was and again I could make out each feature of the door. She called out my name several more times and I can clearly remember being amazed that she knew what my name was. She then held her hand out towards the large door and asked me to follow her.

Reality suddenly hit me and I realized that there was an angel standing before me. I do not know why I did what I did next but I leaped to my feet and ran as fast as I could towards the house.

Suddenly I stopped, looked back to where she was standing but she had gone she had just vanished into thin air. I ran into the house and told my mother about what I had just witnessed and that I believed that our dog was dying and the angel was preparing me for what was about to happen.

I said that our dog would be happy and would be looked after by God and all the angels. My mother sent me to my room and told me to stop talking such rubbish. The next morning I was awoken by my mother. She held me close and told me that our pet dog had passed away in the night; she said that he was not suffering any more.

I looked up at her and sobbed my heart out, but although I was very upset and sad about our dog passing away, I felt happy as I knew he had gone to a better place and was being taken care off. I now know that the angel I saw was my guardian angel Elizabeth and I have seen and felt her around me many times since. By Natasha Chamberlin