In September 2009 I was sitting in our dinning room performing a reading for a mother of a young girl who was dying from an unknown crippling disease. My heart felt it would break and I wanted with all of my heart to help this young girl and find out the cause of her illness.

Half way through performing the reading I had to stop and have a little cry. I wanted to help her; I needed to help her but how? I had read in one of Sonia Choquette’s books about a small ritual to invoke the Archangels. I have taught you this same ritual in the Archangel Lesson of the course. It is the breath Mich –ael breath exercise.

I had just learnt it and only used it a few times for practice - not used it for any thing serious yet. I decided to give it ago so I calmed my mind, shut my eyes and made myself completely relaxed. I then did the exercise invoking the Archangels.

After several attempts at invoking the Archangels I suddenly felt the atmosphere in the room change dramatically. I had a very strong and over whelming feeling come over me. I felt that there was someone extremely powerful standing in the room.

The room filled with a deep air of authority and the energy was something I had never experienced before. My head felt so heavy as though there were an immense pressure pushing on it. My body felt limp as it was so incredibly calm. I looked up in front of me where I could clearly and vividly see the Archangel Michael standing right in front of me. I could not see the others but I knew they were there too.

The Archangel Michael did not show himself to me as a full blown angel but as a shadow of him. I could see his shadow (as clear and vividly as I would see peoples shadows) standing a few inches away from me. He looked so tall and felt so very powerful. His shadow was more like a 3D shadow as it was so clear. The best way to describe it is like if you are in a dark room and you see a person standing right in front of you. Because it is dark the person in front of you looks like a shadow (dark coloured) but not a shadow – meaning you can clearly see that it is a person standing there in front of you.

I was completely blown away, memorized by what was happening. I had never felt such a strong presence in all my life. It is a presence that will re-main with always. I quickly stood up as I was unsure of what to make of all this. The entire experience was so very over whelming and intense yet beautiful at the same time. I then forced myself to sit down again, looked up and the Archangel Michael had gone. I felt angry with myself for not talking to him while he was standing there. I felt angry for standing up.

I then decided to talk to him and the other Archangels as I felt that even though I could not see them, I knew they were still with me as their presence was still so very strong in the room. I pleaded with them to please help me to help this girl. I asked them to please surround her with love and protection. I also asked if they could please send this young girl healing light.

I then sat down and began to work on her reading again. My fingers seemed to have a mind of their own and were tying away so quickly that I could not take in what I was actually writing. After I finished writing the reading I read it back and was amazed at the details that I had written.

There were many medical words which I had never even heard of before so it was baffling why I wrote them. I did not even know if they were even real words or just made up words. I sent off the reading (wondering if the reading would be right with all those words I’d never heard before – but I felt I had to send it) and then had a good cry. I was so filled with overwhelming emotion.

A few days later I had an e-mail back for the lady whom I had read for. She confirmed that the reading was very helpful and that I had mention many of the symptoms and illnesses that her daughter was suffering form. She appreciated the guidance and advice I gave and said it all made sense to her.

She explained what each of the medical words meant. I was amazed as I had never even heard of those words. I truly believe that the Archangels were guiding my hand that night and helping me to help that little girl.

I have not heard from her again so not sure how the little girl is coming on of if she is even still with us. I do think of her a lot and say little prayers for her now and again. I know that she is in the arms of the Archangels and that they will take very good care of her. By Natasha Chamberlin