One day I was on my way to our local Library to return my books. My husband Dave suggested that we not get any more books out as we thought we would be moving house any day now. He said wait until after we move.

For months and months I keep looking out for Doreen Virtue books at my library, sadly they are never there when I look. She is my all time favourite author and I find her books inspiring and helpful. I had actually given up on finding one at our library. As we drove to the library I suddenly had this deep knowing feeling that there would be one there today.

I mentioned to Dave that I was 100% positive that I would find one of her books today. He laughed and said, "What makes today any different from all the other times you tried to find her books?" I could not explain it I just new that I would find one today. So I rushed into the Library and handed in my old books. I then dashed upstairs to the spiritual and psychic section and instantly (with out even browsing through the books) found one of Doreen Virtues book. It was Angel Therapy. The book was right there in front of me and no looking was needed to find it.

It was truly amazing and the best bit about it was that it covered all the areas that I was actually teaching in the next lesson - which I was half way through preparing. It was as though my angles and guides lead me to the book as they knew it would help and inspire me with the writing of my next lesson. The book helped to inspire me with my writing and helped me to feel confident in what I was teaching. By Natasha Chamberlin