One morning about 5-6 months ago, I had a true heart to heart talk with all of my Joy Guides. I thanked my Joy Guides for all of their wonderful gifts. I asked them to please continue to shower my family and me with their precious gifts, which they gladly did! For the rest of that week I could strongly feel my Joy Guides presence all around me. Thank you my Joy guides. Below are some of these wonderful gifts that my Joy Guides blessed me with that week.

* I went to the opticians for an eye test and needed new glasses. I was expecting to have to pay for my glasses and eye test - even the receptionist mentioned that I would need to pay for them. After I had my eye test done and had picked my new glasses I went to pay for them. The lady at the desk told me that I did not have to pay for the test or glasses as it would be covered on the NHS.

I was gobbed smacked. Money had been very tight at that time due to my family and I trying to move house. The free eye test and glasses was truly a blessing as I it would have been a real struggle if I had to pay for them. Thankfully because I did not have to pay for the glasses it meant that I had the extra money we needed to pay off one of our bills.

It was a yucky day and it was raining hard. I had taken the bus into town to get my eyes tested. Usually the bus run was always a night mare and would I have to wait around town for ages - some times a good hour or so before the next bus. After my eye test I walked towards the bus stop wondering what to do while I waited for the bus as I could not spend anything - as money was tight. I was cold and wet and wondering towards the bus stop which was a good distance away.

I suddenly saw the bus at the bus stop. I could not believe it as the bus was always late and it was not even time for it to arrive yet. I was quite far away from the bus so began to run fearing that I would miss it. In all reality and truth I should have missed the bus considering how far away I was from it.

As I reached the bus surprised as to how I had not missed it, I saw that a lady had trouble with her ticket and had held up the bus. What are the chances of that! If that lady did not have trouble with her ticket then the bus would not have been held up and I would have had to wait another good hour or so before getting home. Thank you my Joy Guides.

The next day I had to go and pick up my glasses so I took a bus into town. I had just picked up my glasses when I got a call from my friend Sarah. We chatted for a bit and then she asked where I was as she could hear cars and people in the background. I told her that I was in town picking up my glasses and that I was about to make my way home. She told me to wait outside the opticians as she was not far away and she would give me a life home. This saved bus fair money to get home again and saved me wondering around town for an hour.

When she dropped me off home I found the people who were buying our house there and so was my husband Dave! (he was home from work by 11am). Surprised I asked Dave why he was home and he said that the computers at work all went down so everyone was sent home and had a day off. He said that when he got home he saw the people buying our house waiting out side. They had just popped round to have a quick snoop of the out side of the house as they're excited to move in. Dave let them in to have a proper look around again.

We had been worrying as our shower does not work properly and we had not let them know. It was the perfect opportunity to tell them. Thankfully they appreciated us telling them about the shower and did not ask for less money on the house because of the broken shower. They were just so grateful that we let them have another look around and told them about the shower.

My youngest daughter Kristi plays up each morning when getting ready for school, which causes us to be late for school each day and me in a fowl mood! This week she has been a little angel and we have got to school early each day with lots of laughs and no stress. Thank you my Joy Guides for all of your wonderful blessings. x By Natasha Chamberlin