In January 2011 my daughter Kristi and I were walking home from school. As we walked we found a little white feather on the ground. Kristi picked it up and smiled up at me so happily, “Look mommy the angels are watching over us.” Her little face was filled with excitement and joy.

I have always told my children the same thing that my mother told me, that if you find a tiny white feather laying on the ground, then pick it up and thank God and the angels, as this is the angels way of letting us know that they are watching over us.

As we continued on our journey home we kept finding beautiful white feathers all the way to our house. Our feather finding did not stop just because we got home. We also kept finding white feathers in the house and the garden. We must have found at least 40-50 white feathers between us. Most of the feathers were in unusual places. We kept giggling and saying that the angels are really looking after us today.

Our feather finding frenzies continued for another 4-5 days after that. We just kept finding feathers in doors and out doors. I would be cleaning the house and find a feather floating down to the floor. It was the most wonderful and comforting thing. I felt absolutely safe and loved and so did my little Kristi. Thank you angels! By Natasha Chamberlin