On New Years Day 2011 one of my best friends named Annette had a massive stroke. My heart felt it would break and the thought of loosing my friend was too painful to even think about. I had to fight back the tears when I spoke to her on the phone about 3 – 4 days after she had the stroke.

She said that her right side was mainly affected from the stroke. Her hearing on her right side was not a hundred percent and her speech was not very good. She said that the doctors were going to be running a long line of various tests to find out what caused the stroke – especially since she is so young. I spent the whole of the next day (5th Jan 2011) praying to God, Archangels Raphael, Michael and Annettes angels to please keep my beautiful friend safe and to nurse her back to full health. She was constantly on my mind all day.

For the whole of that day I kept feeling as thought there was an angelic presence around me. I can usually always sense a spiritual or angelic presence around me but today I felt it stronger than usual. I also kept hearing a ladies voice whispering to me though out the day - unfortunately I cold not make out what she was saying. I felt that the ladies voice I kept hearing all day was my guardian Angel Elizabeth’s voice. I felt that she kept whispering to let me know that she was with me and that my friend Annette was going to be okay. I found her whisperings to be comforting as I knew she was letting me know that Annette is in good hands. I knew deep down that God, the Archangels and all of my heavenly helpers were watching over my friend.

"Dear Heavenly Father, Lord above, My heavenly father's angels and the Archangels, Please surround Netty (Annettte) with heavenly divine healing light. Please hold her close in your loving arms and please nurse her back to full health. Please keep her protected, alive, healthy, safe and well. Please support and care for Annette’s family and friends and help them in this difficult time. Thank you, I put my trust and faith in you and I know you will look after my friend. Thank you, Amen"

A year and a month after Annettes stroke and she is doing just perfectly. Annette found out that she had a massive hole in her heart. She also had other complications and problems which were all connected to the heart. She had to have a device put into her heart to help close the whole. Unfortunately she was allergic to the nickel in the device which caused her serious illness and pain. Thankfully her angels as well as the Lord and the Archangels have been with her each step of the way. She is now feeling so much better and can finally begin the process of rebuilding her life. I do thank the angels for helping my friend to heal and mend. Thank you Angels and thank you my heavenly father. By Natasha Chamberlin