My daughter Kristi lost her toy rabbit and it had been missing for a good week or so. My family and I searched high and low for it. She kept crying all day for her rabbit as it was one of her favourite toys. I had not thought of asking the angels for their help in finding Kristi’s toy. So after looking high and low for a whole week with no joy, I sat down and asked the Archangel Chamuel to please help me find Kristi’s rabbit.

With in seconds of me asking I suddenly saw an image of our printer desk in my mind. I got up and rushed into the dinning room. I looked at the printer desk but could not see Kristi's rabbit. I then felt the urge to look under it which I did. There lying under the printer desk was Kristi's rabbit. She was over the moon to have it back. I thanked the angels for their great help. I also scolded my self for not thinking to ask the angels for their help.

I then thought of my make up bag that had been missing for a good three months or so. My family and I had searched everywhere for it for months, even got to the point where I thought I would never see it again.

Seeing how successful Archangel Chamuel’s help was in finding Kristi’s rabbit I decided to ask him to please help me find my make up bag. I had not even finished asking the question when I saw the foot of my bed stand out in my minds eye. I jumped up excitedly and very hopeful and straight up stairs to look by the end of my bed.

Unfortunately I could not see the make up bag anywhere. I then saw an image in my mind of Dave’s chest of draws which was directly opposite our bed. So I literally turned around (as the chest of draws was so close to the end of our bed that all I had to do was turn – not even take any steps), and I opened Dave’s draw and there it was. I had found my make up bag. It must have some how ended up in Dave’s draw where he keeps his books, keep sakes and so on. This is why we never thought to look there as why would my make up bag be in his draw.

I had to laugh out loud at how easy it was to find my lost items as soon as I asked the angels. I thanked them with all of my heart for the super help. Our angels never let us down. They are dying for us to think of them and ask for their help. Thank you so very much Archangel Chamuel for all of your wonderful help and guidance. By Natasha Chamberlin