When I first tried to see what my spirit looked like I was surprised to see a beautiful pink Carnation bud my favourite flower. In my minds eye I watched as slowly the bud began to bloom.

The flower opened up more and more until a fully grown beautiful pink Carnation was before me. I then noticed that from out of the centre of the bud came a tiny orange beak, then out popped a beautiful white dove who flew out of the Carnation. She had forest green eyes and in her beak appeared an olive branch.

The dove flew off and I was curious to see where she would go. She flew down to a little elderly lady who had fallen over. She handed the elderly lady the olive branch. Once the elderly lady took hold of the olive branch a shower of glittery dust sprinkled over her.

The lady stood up and cried tears of joy, as she felt well again and was not in pain. A huge sense of relief swept over me that the woman was okay. A new olive branch appeared in the dove’s beak and, the dove then flew off again and found someone else to help.

I found that each time I do the seeing your spirit guide meditation I would find the same process will happen, except I will be helping different people each time. Only recently I have noticed that an angle will join the dove, and the two would work together to help people, plants and animals.

Thanks to learning to see my spirit I have discovered that my life mission is to help others and to work, together with angels to make a difference in other people’s lives and in our planet – that is my life’s purpose. You see the dove is my spirit and my spirit is doing what I love doing most – helping others.  By Natasha Chamberlin