In October 2010 I was buzzing about the house doing the daily chores while listening to my Westlife CD. I was not feeling very well that day and really felt like I needed a BIG hug. I went into the lounge and began to sweep the floors.

Total Eclipse of the Heart – Westlife did a cover of it was now playing and I have always found that to be a very personal and emotional song for me, so I stopped sweeping and just stood in the middle of the lounge, shut my eyes and sang along to the song. I put all of my emotions and heart into it when I was singing that song.

I suddenly felt the atmosphere in the room change to a warm and friendly atmosphere. I then felt as though there were someone tall standing next to me and heard them whisper my name in my ear – I could even feel their breath on my ear.

I opened my eyes and before I could do anything I felt a pair of strong loving arms wrap around me and give me a massive hug. I then could see someone standing in front of me but they looked like heat waves in the shape of a man. I do not know why I did what I did next but, I screamed really loud and ran out of the room. I laugh now thinking back on it. I guess because I was so rapped up in the song I was singing, the whole experience just caught me by such a surprise that my natural instinct was to scream and run.

I did feel like a right idiot afterwards but I also felt so very comforted and loved. All the sickness feelings that I had been feeling had suddenly vanished. I was left feeling happy, content and filled with love. I felt that the presence was of my father (as I kept thinking about him that day) and I felt that he was letting me know that I was not alone, that my spiritual helpers and angels were by my side. It was an amazing hug that left me in a brilliant mood for the rest of the day. By Natasha Chamberlin