On the 5th of May I was lying in bed and said my prayers as always. I had almost finished saying my prayers when I had a strong urge to look up at our bedroom window. I looked up and saw a milky mist that looked similar to a heat wave. The mist started near the window by my feet and then moved its way towards me. The amazing thing was that this mist was in a human shape. I felt completely at peace and so filled with love that I wanted to burst into tears.

I had a strong knowing sense that this was the Archangel Michael. I then saw clearly and vividly in my minds eye - though it was so vivid it was as though I were seeing it with my physical eyes. I saw four men standing by my bed. The first man had long sandy blond and red hair (like a strawberry blond colour). His hair was down to his shoulders and was thick and wavy. He had a kind face and bright green eyes. He had the most comforting smile I had ever seen.

He also had a beard and moustache that joined like in the bible times - it was a short beard and not long. He was dressed in white. He looked like one of those country singers - just had a country kind of look about him. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I then said, "Hello" and he said hello back. I suddenly had a strong knowing feeling that this man was the Archangel Raphael. As soon as I had this realization Raphael smiled at me and then another man stepped forward.

This man had long straight blond hair to his shoulders. He had a thin and pointed face - yet he looked very handsome indeed. He had deep blue eyes. His eyes then changed to a deep glowing reddish, yellow and orange colour – just like what fire and flames look like. It looked as though he had fire in his eyes. This triggered a memory of what my friend Caroline’s mom had told me when she did a reading for me once.

She said that she could see fire in my eyes and that I should not worry as the fire in my eyes was a very good thing. She said that the fire in my eyes was not evil or bad, but wonderful and good. When I looked at this man in front of me with fire in his eyes I was not afraid. I felt over whelmed with love and hope. I was not afraid as the fire in his eyes was not evil or bad; it was more of an angelic glow which glowed so brightly that it looked like fire.

This man then smiled at me and I smiled back at him. I instantly knew that he was the Archangel Michael. I said Hello Archangel Michael and he said hello back. He then stepped back and made way for a third man to come to me. This man was very handsome and had short dark brown hair and caring brown eyes. He like the others was dressed in white. He had such a loving and friendly smile and eyes that I felt all warm inside.

He smiled at me and I smiled back at him. I then found myself saying, "Hello Archangel Gabriel." I just knew who he was with out knowing how I knew this. He smiled at me and said hello before stepping back to let one more man step forward. The fourth man was a wonderful elderly man who was in his late 50's or early 60’s. I thought he looked very healthy and well. He was an African man and had dark skin and hair. He had some grey in his hair too. He had a little beard and moustache which had grey in them.

I instantly knew that he was the Archangel Uriel. I greeted him and he said hello back and gave me the loveliest smile. Reality suddenly sunk in that I had just been visited by the Archangels. I sat up quickly but the room was all dark once more. It was the most amazing experience. I am so grateful for my special visit. By Natasha Chamberlin