In June 2011 I had the most amazing dream. I dreamt that I was walking in a beautiful park that was filled with lots of trees and wild life. There were people playing in the grass lands and park areas. I looked a head of me and saw a huge tree. The tree was massive and had a thick sturdy trunk. The tree had strong thick branches and was covered in green leaves and large bright orange flowers. I walked up to the tree and lay down on the soft grass.

The grass was so soft like a bed and was long. I looked up at the tree and to my surprise could see hundreds of tiny sparrows sitting in the tree. They were chirping away happily at me. I had a deep sense of knowing come over me and found my self saying out loud, "You are not just little sparrows are you? You are my angels watching over me." I then realised (in my dream) that I had to be somewhere. I did not want to leave this wonderful place, tree and sparrows but I knew I had to go to where ever it was that I needed to go. By Natasha Chamberlin